Bailee Madison 100% Cried While Giving Her Graduation Speech on ‘Good Witch’

No lies – we definitely cried while watching Bailee Madison‘s final episode of Good Witch last night on Hallmark Channel. Did you?

The 19-year-old actress tweeted along with fans during the episode and revealed that while Grace was giving her graduation speech, she was 100% really crying.

“I remember actually crying giving my graduation speech because it felt like I was graduating my time on #goodwitch,” Bailee shared. “I didn’t know filming this season I was going to choose to head into a new chapter a year later, but looking back at that moment it’s like I got to have my goodbye.”

She also opened up about what the best part of playing Grace has been: “Getting to portray a kind, strong, truthful, and encouraging teenage girl that other teenagers were able to look at and watch, and learn from. #goodwitch grace’s heart is something everyone can learn from.”


See all the pics from the episode below!

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