Azealia Banks Body Shames Lana Del Rey for Looking Curvier in New Candid Photo

The ‘212’ raptress can’t help trolling the ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer after the latter appears to have gained some weight when recently pictured running errands in Los Angeles.

AceShowbizAzealia Banks has reignited her feud with Lana Del Rey after clashing over politics and music in the past. This time, the rapper picked a fight with the Grammy-nominated artist over her physical appearance after her new candid photos have gone viral.

In the paparazzi pics, the “Video Games” hitmaker looked curvier as she was spotted running errands on Saturday afternoon, December 26 in Los Angeles. Wearing an arm sling following a recent ice skating incident, the recently-engaged singer wore a gray T-shirt and black shorts while staying safe in face mask. She reportedly first stopped by a ProHealth Clinic to get her arm looked at before stopping by Hugo’s Tacos to grab lunch to go.

After seeing the pictures, Azealia didn’t feel sympathetic with Lana’s injury, and instead mocked her for looking to have gained some weight after the COVID-19 quarantine. Commenting on Lana’s photos that showed her sporting the arm sling, she wrote on her Instagram Stories, “Do you think gravy poured out when Lana Del Rey broke her arm?”

“She is a brick,” the 29-year-old New York City native additionally said of Lana in an audio posted on her Stories on Monday, December 28. “You a big b***h. I ain’t fight a big b***h like that,” the “Black Madonna” spitter continued taunting her foe.

She then advised Lana to start watching what she eats. “Lana you looking like that f**kin’ hamburger. You need to stay out of that 7-Eleven’s,” she claimed. “Stop shoving that cheeseburger down your throat.”

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Lana and Azealia previously engaged in a war of words after the former criticized a photo of Kanye West wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in 2018. Accusing the 35-year-old of using “Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware,” the rapper took issue with Lana’s collaboration with A$AP Rocky, who was accused of physically assaulting women in the past.

Later in May of this year, Azealia weighed in on Lana’s controversial comments on double standards in music. She named Beyonce Knowles, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Doja Cat and Ariana Grande in her defense of criticism over her provocative lyrics.

“Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce have all had number ones about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f**king, cheating etc – can I please go back to singing about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money – or whatever I want – without being crucified or saying that I’m glamorizing abuse?” Lana argued at the time.

Azealia then responded, “That girl really said she invented women speaking their minds huh. Like I’m not dreaming ? That actually happened ?” without name-dropping anyone. “Like how many times are white women gonna randomly claim to have opened the pages the way for certain things to happen THAT WERE ALREADY HAPPENING!?”

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