Australia Fines Passenger $1.8K for Undeclared McDonald's Egg McMuffins

Talk about inflation … 2 McDonald’s McMuffins are costing an airplane passenger nearly $2K, because Australia’s dropping hefty fines to keep a certain non-Covid virus out of the country.

The unnamed passenger flew from Bali to Darwin, Australia last week, but committed a major culinary crime by leaving 2 undeclared egg and beef sausage McMuffins in their luggage … according to Aussie officials. Even worse … airport agents also found a ham croissant!

While the not-so-happy meal bust might seem funny to us, it’s costing that passenger a $1,874 fine!!! The hero agent here is a biosecurity detector dog named Zinta … part of Australia’s crackdown on food safety and prevention measures following an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease.

Australia’s Department of Agriculture says Zinta sniffed out a “range of undeclared risk products.”

So yeah, those McMuffins ended up costing more than the flight!

Lesson here … if you wanna be a more evolved traveler into Darwin — or anywhere else in Australia — eat BEFORE you travel, ’cause nothing’s getting passed Zinta and co.

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