Are The Kardashians Rushing Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Into Marriage?

For the past few months, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been throwing fans in a loop when it comes to engagement speculations. 

From calling each other “hubby” and “wifey” to Jenner being spotted on multiple occasions wearing an extremely large diamond ring on her left hand, fans are certain it is only a matter of time before these two celebrities announce an engagement. 

While Jenner and Scott have continued to remain mum on these rumors, sources are now confirming that a wedding may not be happening anytime soon. 

While fans would love to see this couple finally tie the knot, the makeup mogul isn’t in a rush to get married, but it turns out that her famous family has a different view. 

Jenner isn’t too interested in marriage right now

While Travis Scott is essentially head over heels for Kylie Jenner and wants to take the next step in their relationship, the makeup mogul isn’t on the same page. 

Though she loves being with Scott, Kylie Jenner isn’t in a rush to head down the aisle. 

According to a source close to the Kardashian family, Jenner and Scott aren’t seeming to agree on when they should get married. 

“Marriage isn’t important to Kylie but it’s increasingly important to Travis,” the source recently shared with Us Weekly

With Jenner’s successful career continuing to soar, she’s just not ready to take that next step with Scott just yet and probably won’t be for a while.

“Travis is definitely into it. Kylie hasn’t expressed a huge interest in getting married but they’ve talked about it a lot.”

We can assume that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have discussed when they would like to tie the knot, but with their busy schedules along with raising their daughter, Stormi, a wedding just wouldn’t be ideal at the moment. 

The Kardashians are encouraging the couple to get married 

Though Kylie Jenner isn’t interested in marrying Travis Scott at this very moment, her family doesn’t think she should wait.

It has been reported that the Kardashian-Jenners are actually urging the youngest sister to marry Travis Scott sooner rather than later. 

“Kim [Kardashian] and some friends are advocating for them to get married because they like the structure of it,” the source shared. “[They] think it…could be helpful for Kylie.”

Although Kylie Jenner is hesitant to take that next step with Travis Scott, she is open to having more children with him very soon. 

The couple has talked about their desire to welcome another baby in the next few months and finally give Stormi a younger sibling to grow up with.

“Kylie definitely wants more children,” the source continued. “Friends wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant again soon. She loves being a mother and at this point feels comfortable being a parent.”

While many of us would love for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott to announce their engagement, it looks as though we will be waiting a little longer than we thought. 

Marriage is still very much in the cards for them in the future but it will just have to wait until both of them are ready.

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