Anya Taylor-Joy Opens Up About Playing Furiosa After Charlize Theron in ‘Mad Max’ Origin Story

Anya Taylor-Joy is opening up about stepping into Charlize Theron‘s shoes and getting to portray Furiosa in the Mad Max origin story.

The 24-year-old actress chatted with MTV’s Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, and revealed that she’s “humbled and grateful” to be following Charlize in the role.

“[Charlize] did such an incredible job and it was so beautiful and I can’t even think about trying to step [into her shoes],” Anya shared. “It has to be something different, because it just can’t be done.”

Anya added that “the first thing that went through my head when I found out I was going to do it was, ‘I am so excited to work so hard.’ The level of commitment that has been shown before me, I endeavor to match that, and that makes me really excited.”

Previously, Charlize revealed how she felt about being replaced by a younger actress in the role for a prequel film.

“It’s a little heartbreaking, for sure,” she confessed. “I really love that character, and I’m so grateful that I had a small part in creating her. She will forever be someone I think of and reflect on fondly. Obviously, I would love to see that story continue, and if he feels like he has to go about it this way, then I trust him [George Miller] in that manner.”

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