Angus Clouds Ex-Manager Demands Unpaid Commissions While Detailing Actors Alleged Drug Addiction

Diomi Cordero, who claimed he met Angus in a rehab facility where he used to work as a ‘mental health technician,’ accuses the actor of becoming ‘extremely abusive’ to him after he began abusing substances again.

AceShowbizAngus Cloud‘s former manager has brought up wild claims about the actor. In a Twitter thread, Diomi Cordero detailed the “Euphoria” star’s alleged drug addiction as well as demanded his unpaid commissions.

In his thread, Diomi divulged that he met Angus in a rehab facility where he used to work as a “mental health technician.” He said the two developed a close bond and decided to professionally work together in April 2021.

Diomi claimed he helped Angus “regain control of his personal and professional life” after he became the actor’s talent manager. However, the 24-year-old was surrounded by friends who were a bad influence on his sobriety, which “ultimately [contributed] to his relapse.”

According to Diomi, Angus “became extremely abusive” to him after he began abusing substances again. Diomi said Angus “had gone to the extent of degrading me publicly in front of his friends & even my colleagues.”

Thus, Diomi decided to resign on February 21, 2022. “My decision to resign was prompted by Angus’ verbal abuse, emotional distress & severe drug addiction, which rendered it impossible for me to continue my professional relationship with him,” he detailed.

“As a result of my resignation, for over a year, I have been pursuing the collection of my outstanding management commissions from Angus, totaling over $60,000.00,” he continued. “Despite repeated attempts to resolve this matter amicably, I have yet to receive any of the payments owed to me.”

Diomi claimed he shared his story in hopes to “not only find solace & healing but to also inspire others who may be struggling to find their voice in an industry where most are silenced.” He concluded, “I wanted to be a testament to the power of speaking up and owning one’s truth, even in the face of adversity.”

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