Amanda Kloots gets Covid-19 vaccine after husband Nick Cordero died from virus

Amanda Kloots is celebrating getting her first Covid-19 vaccine, seven months after the death of her husband Nick Cordero.

Broadway star Nick died aged 41 from Covid-19 related complications after spending three months in the hospital.

He is survived by his wife of three years Amanda and their one-year-old son Elvis.

Amanda, 38, shared a post to Instagram this week showing her getting her first vaccination jab at a drive-through centre in Los Angeles, and expressed her gratitude for being able to get the vaccine.

The fitness instructor wrote: ‘I just got my COVID 19 vaccine! I cannot tell you how emotional I was and still am right now. I had Elvis beside me and Live Your Life playing in the car.

‘THANK YOU to the National Guard that was here today volunteering since 5:30am administering the Pfizer vaccine to willing arms. I have been terrified since Nick has passed, as a single mother of getting this virus and now I am one step closer.’

However, a debate kicked off in the comments section, with many people demanding to know how Amanda had ‘skipped the queue’ for a vaccine.

In Los Angeles, only people over the age of 65 and essential workers are currently eligible to book vaccine appointments.

Amanda updated her post to explain that she had waited in a queue in the hopes there would be extra vaccines at the end of the day that needed to be used up.

She wrote: ‘I went to a site and waited in my car until all appointments were over in hopes that they had any extra vaccines. I was fully prepared to be turned away, but they said they had enough tonight for everyone waiting.’

The Talk star later took to her stories to hit out at people ‘vaccine-shaming’ her – particularly as she has been widowed by the virus and is now a single mother.

She said: ‘First of all, vaccine shame should not happen. Everyone should be getting this vaccine. and anyone who gets it, we should be celebrating that one more person has the vaccine.’

Amanda continued to say that the vaccine she got would have otherwise been thrown out, and got emotional as she said: ‘Instead of being thrown out, they were put into an an arm of a surviving single mother who deserves to have an extra vaccine that would have been thrown in the trash.

‘So, sorry that I am getting a little emotional, but this was a very emotional experience for me. I was perfectly fine being turned away tonight if that was the case. I was actually prepared to be turned away. I was giving it a shot, and luckily the shot worked and they had availability and they were happy to have people there waiting with willing arms. And I was happy to be one of those willing arms.

‘So please, please do not vaccine-shame me on my photo after this day where I am so grateful to have this first step in getting vaccinated against this virus.’

While some argued over ‘celebrity privilege’ in the comments, others were delighted for Amanda.

Heidi Klum commented: ‘I am emotional reading this. I am so happy you got this. I have been watching and following your story from afar. Sending you much love. You are a strong woman. ❤️🙏🏻 I wish you and your baby all the best.’

A fan added: ‘Cannot believe some of the comments on here. She got ONE vaccine. ONE. For the virus her husband died from. Give her a break.’

Nick was a fit and healthy 41-year-old when he contracted Covid-19 in March 2020.

He was placed on a ventilator and on dialysis, and his leg was amputated due to a blood clot as a result of complications from the virus.

Nick had a tracheostomy tube put in place and suffered major lung damage, and after 95 days in the hospital, the Rock of Ages star passed away on July 5. 

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