Alex Rodriguez didn’t eat a slice of his gifted birthday cake: rude or fine?

Do you think Jennifer Lopez eats regular old cake? I’ve been sitting with that question for too many minutes. Like, J.Lo takes care of herself to a crazy degree, she practically lives in the gym and I know she has a pretty strict diet. But she also has two kids and I feel like she does do some normal-mom and normal-person things, like eat a slice of birthday cake every now and then. Jennifer’s 50th birthday was on July 24th, and Alex Rodriguez’s 44th birthday was on July 27th. With two birthdays so close together, of course there were probably lots of birthday cakes. They probably have extra slices of cake in the fridge and freezer (mm… freezer cake). All of which to say, as much as I have convinced myself that J.Lo eats some cake every now and then, I guess I also believe that A-Rod hates cake. He’s a cake-hater.

The story begins in Boston, where A-Rod was doing ESPN commentary on a Yankees-Red Sox game. Jennifer and Alex’s two daughters surprised him in the booth with a birthday cake:

— ESPN (@espn) July 29, 2019

I don’t know if it was Jennifer’s idea or Ella and Natasha’s idea, but it’s cute. He was happy to see his girls but he was not happy to see another birthday cake. It’s kind of funny that the cake wasn’t anything fancy – it looked like a normal grocery-store sheet cake. Maybe it wasn’t fancy enough, because Alex didn’t have one bite of it and he left his daughters’ present at the ESPN booth for his colleagues to eat. Rude or no? I think it’s very rude! I don’t care if you already have a freezer full of cake, when someone gifts you a cake (especially your kids!!), you eat a slice and BRING IT HOME. I mean, sure, share the cake. I understand that. Let your coworkers have some cake. But you’ve gotta bring the rest home. And you’ve gotta eat a slice too.

— Julian McWilliams (@byJulianMack) July 29, 2019

LOL, look at the cake from Jennifer’s 50th birthday!! I wonder if she took any of THAT home.

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