Adam Sandler steps out with help of cane days after hip surgery

Adam Sandler seen with cane

The 56-year-old underwent hip surgery earlier this month 

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Actor Adam Sandler, 56, has been pictured using a cane as he stepped out in Brentwood, California yesterday.

A rep for the movie star told People that the planned procedure was not due to a sudden injury or medical emergency as reported.

It was however scheduled to happen between projects so he can recover peacefully. 

The reason behind his surgery is unclear, however in June he suffered with a “popped groin” while filming the basketball drama, Hustle.

Following the procedure, he has been using a cane to assist with mobility.

He is scheduled to return to work for his upcoming comedy tour on October 20.

Adam Sandler kept his look casual

Adam Sandler stepped out in Brentwood, California on Tuesday 

Adam Sandler before the procedure

The actor pictured in June outside Good Morning America studios in New York City

Adam Sandler with his wife Jackie

The actor has been supported by his long-term spouse 

Adam Sandler is recovering from the procedure

He is scheduled to return to work for his upcoming comedy tour on October 20

Adam Sandler injury

The actor said he injured himself while filming for Hustle back in June 

Adam Sandler’s rep denies the injury was sudden

The actor’s surgery was planned during his time off 

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