Aaron Carter gets huge Rihanna tattoo inked onto his face

Aaron Carter has just got a huge new tattoo of Rihanna on his face.

The singer, 31, debuted his new ink on Instagram and he’s had a Medusa-inspired version of Rihanna tattooed across one side of his face.

The design stretches from the top of his forehead down the side of his cheek to his jawline and seems to be Umbrella hit-maker Rihanna with snakes coming out of her head like the Greek gorgon.

Posing with his new tat, Aaron told fans: ‘I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable #LMG #SilenceBreaker.’

Turns out he was inspired by a cover shoot Rihanna did for GQ, where she posed as Medusa back in 2013.

Aaron had live-streamed himself getting the pretty bizarre inking and police officers turned up twice after fans allegedly called emergency services, claiming Aaron was having a ‘medical emergency’.

It’s thought the officers left after speaking with Aaron – who has faced a tough time of late that saw his brother Nick Carter take out a restraining order against him and Aaron accuse his late sister Leslie of raping him.

Nick reportedly took out a restraining order against Aaron, claiming his brother threatened to kill his wife – allegations Aaron denies.

Tweeting a lengthy statement in response, Aaron said: ‘I have never had thoughts of causing anyone pain, let alone taking anyone’s life.

‘It was hurtful for me to read those things because if these people really knew me, they would have never used that as a tactic to control me.’

Aaron branded the restraining order ‘malicious’ and told TMZ he is seeking help for his mental health.

‘I’m privately working with [a doctor off a TV show] and he’s a legitimate psychiatrist and he worked with me last year,’ Aaron said. ‘I’ve already tapered off of Xanax over the past five days.’

The I Want Candy hit-maker was recently visited by authorities to potentially put him under an involuntary psychiatric hold – known as a 5150 – but which was deemed unnecessary after he spoke to the mental evaluator.

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