A Place In The Suns Laura Hamiltons error after showing couple home near military base

A Place In The Sun: Couple unimpressed with size of property

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Laura Hamilton opened up about an unfortunate disturbance that occurred during filming for A Place In The Sun. The mum-of-two admitted she has experienced her fair share of mishaps while filming the Channel 4 programme.

Laura, 39, explained that the buyers in question had wanted to purchase a holiday home in Spain, with their preference being a quiet and serene location.

But the TV host admitted there was an error after they visited the first property.

“There was a house we visited while filming in Spain. It was quite funny because the director and the researcher view all of the properties a week before we arrive,” Laura began.

“We turned up to this property with a couple and they told us they wanted somewhere that was really quiet. But then a helicopter flew over.”

The property expert confessed the unusual occurrence didn’t flag any warning signs for the Channel 4 team, as they proceeded to start filming.

Laura said: “We thought, ‘OK. It’s just one helicopter.’ And then there were helicopters taking off and landing literally every 15 minutes.

“We were like, ‘Oh my god.’ The director said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on.'”

She added: “It turned out the house was right by a helicopter military base.”

The presenter admitted the show director issued an apology to the house hunters following the blunder.

“We just couldn’t do it. We couldn’t film. It was a nightmare,” Laura shared.

“The director told the guests, ‘I’m so sorry.'”

Laura said that it is not uncommon for this to happen when the presenters film A Place In The Sun.


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She said: “You’ll be filming a property in a really sleepy quiet, leafy village in France and the day we turn up they’ll decide to start digging up the road. Or redoing all of the road markings.

“And you’re like, how is this possible?”

The small-screen star revealed there have also been times where house hunters have refused to view a property.

She remarked: “They’re like ‘Oh no, I don’t like the look of this one from the outside. I don’t particularly want to go in.’ But you have to respect that.

“If they don’t want to view it, then they don’t have to view it.”

Laura has been a regular presenter on the popular property show since her debut in 2012.

The Channel 4 presenter often shares details of her busy schedule on social media.

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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