90 Day Fiance The Other Way Sneak Peek: Jihoon and Deavan Get Awkward

Deavan Clegg has already knocked child-shamers down a peg for their inexcusable attacks on her three-year-old child.

But in this clip from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, she has an intensely awkward exchange with Jihoon.

He is clearly excited to bang Deavan, and gets the shock of his life when his pregnant lady love says that her three-year-old will sleep between them.

“Drascilla and my parents, getting sleep,” Jihoon narrates to the camera.

“I’m excited,” he admits.

“Finally,” Jihoon expresses. “We are alone.”

Jihoon is happy to go to bed with Deavan.

She’s already pregnant — because of the exact attitude and eagerness that he’s displaying right now.

Jihoon crawls into bed while fully dressed in a brightly lit room that has a small camera crew in it.

“I’m so tired,” he tells Deavan, who is watching him with a combination of amuement and general sleepiness.

“Why,” he then asks Deavan. “You not lay?”

Deavan then asks if he’s going to “get the baby,” which leads to an awkward and genuinelly funny misunderstanding.

“Oh, yeah,” Jihoon says, leaning forward and placing a hand on her pregnant belly like it’s some nighttime ritual. “You okay?”

“No,” Deavan corrects him. “I mean go get the baby.”

At the same time, Jihoon and Deavan then say, in very different tones of voice: “Drascilla.”

Deavan explains: “She has to sleep in the middle tonight.”

“Drascilla?” He asks.

“Yeah,” Deavan replies.

“Tonight?” he asks, like a child finding out he can’t have ice cream before bed.

“YES,” an increasingly impatient Deavan answers.

“Las Vegas first night, tonight,” Jihoon notes.

“YES,” she repeats.

Speaking to the camera, Jihoon laments: “Oh, what the hell?!”

“Hold on, hold on,” Jihoon asks. “When I watch the American movies …”

“Uh-huh,” Deavan says, no doubt wondering where on earth this could be going.

“Daughter and son,” he continues. “They have a bed, you know?”

“Dad says goodnight,” Jihoon describes. “Goodnight kiss, and … another room.” He gestures as if closing a door.

“Well yeah,” Deavan says. “But she’s never not slept with me.”

Jihoon is, perhaps understandably, a little dumbfounded by the idea of a child who’s never slept without her mom.

Drascilla is three, so she’s still very small.

Deavan then reveals the shocking fact that she slept with her parents until she was seven years old, which is …. much less normal.

Jihoon has some very understandable questions, but isn’t quite comfortable asking them.

“How … our time?” Jihoon asks.

“What time?” Deavan asks, but she begins to smile as a very flustered Jihoon tries to ask the question.

“You know … sex!” Jihoon says. “Yeah.”

“You just go in another room,” Deavan explains, which surprises Jihoon but he does seem to accept it.

That’s an awkward conversation to have at all, let alone on camera.

A bit of healthy communication is a good idea.

For example, if you’re talking about living with or even marrying someone, it might be a good idea to mention that there would be a child in bed with you.

For many people, that would be an understandable dealbreaker.

But while Deavan and Jihoon should have had this conversation a long time ago, we’re kind of glad that they waited to hash it out on camera.

Jihoon’s confusion was very entertaining.

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