50-Year-Old Michael Sheen Is Having A Baby With His 25-Year-Old Girlfriend!

Congratulations are in order for Michael Sheen and his girlfriend, Anna Lundberg.

On Wednesday on Twitter, the 50-year-old actor revealed he is expecting a baby with the 25-year-old Swedish actress.

He wrote:

“Very happy to let everyone know that my partner Anna and I are expecting a little angel of our own. (Just to be clear – we’re having a baby!) #nottheantichrist”

Per her website, Lundberg attended NYC’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and has a number of theater credits — including OthelloSpring Awakening, and Gloria.

According to The Sun, the couple first went public with their relationship in May — two months after he split from Irish actress and comedian Aisling Bea.

The Masters of Sex alum also previously dated Sarah Silverman, and Kate Beckinsale — with whom he shares 20-year-old daughter Lily.

In a June interview with Collider, the male thespian discussed his new Amazon Prime Video miniseries.

When asked if costumes helped him embody his character, he responded:

“From the book, and from the scripts, you get such a strong sense of who these characters are, and yet when you look for anything concrete in the book to refer to about them, there’s very little. It’s just a feel you get off them from the way they are together. So, then, as actors you have to start making concrete choices. It can’t just be a general feel, you have to go, ‘It’s this, or this.’ And so the costume fitting is often the first time you have to make definite choices. And, so, it can unlock all kinds of things way beyond costume. Because you have to choose this waistcoat or this, is it a tie or is it a bow tie? All that kind of stuff. Each time you make a choice like that, it somehow brings the character into slightly sharper focus, and that’s not just in terms of its look, but in terms of emotionally, psychologically, all that kind of stuff. So, I find the costume fitting process hugely helpful, and it’s often the very first point of contact with that kind of stuff.’”

When asked if he had a favorite outfit, Sheen replied:

“Like wearing armor is fun for a couple of hours and then after that it stops being fun very quickly. I loved doing the Shakespearean one. The one at The Globe. Because we were actually in The Globe Theater, so, that was kind of fun and in the Elizabethan costumes…”

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