Martin Roberts: ‘A bad day’ Homes Under The Hammer host speaks out on driving ban appeal

Martin Roberts, 56, was arrested on November 24 last year after he refused to take a breath test when police suspected he was over the drink drive limit. The Homes Under The Hammer host claimed he tried but failed to complete two blows into the breathalyser machine at the station. Following the test, Martin was found to be guilty, resulting in a £3,461 fine and 23 month driving ban back in March. In spite of the conviction, the property expert insisted the reading on the breathalyser machine could have been contaminated by his asthma inhaler.

This is a bad day for me. But it is also a terrible day for asthma sufferers.

Martin Roberts

As a result, the star appeared in Bristol Crown Court yesterday to appeal both the conviction and sentence.

However, Martin’s case was dismissed by recorder Noel Casey, who retained the sentence and imposed £520 costs.

Noel told Roberts: “We accept the appellant suffers from asthma but not to an extent much greater than many other sufferers.”

Martin seemed to be despondent as he left court following the appeal and opened up about his “bad day” to Bristol Live.

The Homes Under The Hammer presenter said: “This is a bad day for me. But it is also a terrible day for asthma sufferers.

“How can it be fair that someone that has a lifelong history of asthma, that declares that asthma to police, is only offered a breathylser test that involves exhaling effectively – and is not offered any alternative way of providing a sample – such as giving blood or urine?”

The TV personality also claimed his doctor said it was very likely he would have been unable to provide the breath test required by the police.

Discussing his health issues, Martin said: “My failure to provide a sample was for genuine medical reasons. I would have happily provided a blood or urine sample but was never offered the opportunity to do so.

“I believe the law needs to be changed to protect other asthma sufferers like myself from being prejudiced against in this grossly unfair way, by making it mandatory that they are offered an alternative way of providing a sample.”

He continued: “This matter has caused me and my family unbelievable stress and worry and I am now being faced with a 23-month driving ban and a big fine – equivalent to being ten times over the limit and crashing into a street full of parked vehicles.

“Yet I wasn’t even in my car, or anywhere near it, when I was stopped by police.”

Elsewhere, Martin recently shared his hopes to star in his own show outside of Homes Under The Hammer in the future.

Speaking to, Martin spilled: “I’d love to [star in my own show]. I’m always thinking of ideas.

“People probably think I’m employed by the BBC but I’m not, I could do all sorts of things.”

Although the presenter also made it clear he was not planning on leaving the BBC One show in the near future.

He continued: “I couldn’t do anything as good as Homes Under The Hammer, the bar has been set pretty high,

“The days of Netflix and YouTube and that stuff still delivers, we get figures some evening shows would be proud of.”

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‘Silicon Valley’ Goes to Washington in Season Six Trailer

Silicon Valley goes to Washington, D.C. in the latest trailer for the sixth and final season of the HBO tech-savvy comedy series.

The teaser offers a send-up of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s infamously awkward testimony in front of Congress, with Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks (played by Thomas Middleditch) causing havoc on Capitol Hill as the tech community answers lawmakers’ questions.

“He looks like a child in a messy custody hearing,” Martin Starr’s Gilfoyle quips of Hendricks’ CSPAN appearance.

The trailer doesn’t forecast much in terms of Season Six plot, but Hendricks reveals a portion of his plans to Congress: “I promise I will end this tyranny by creating an internet of the people, by the people and for the people, so help me God.”

The seven-episode sixth and final season of Silicon Valley premieres October 27th.

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I Fixed These 12 Slightly Annoying Photos So They're Satisfying Instead

1.Who made that locker red? It should clearly be green!

Here, I fixed it for you:

2.That’s the kind of tile that’ll bug you every time you poop:


3.OK, who reversed the order on the raspberry one?

This is much better:

4.Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the “on” button be green and the “off” button be red?


5.Oh, now this is just cruel:

Photoshopping this stuff isn’t easy, you know:

6.No sir, the entire field is wrong:

Ahhh, better:

7.Why, why, WHY would you package these dice like this?

There, was that so hard?

8.What a disappointing lemon. Let’s see if we can fix this:


10.OK, I just…no:


11.Whoever painted this brick clearly forgot to look around the corner:

You’re welcome:

12.Oh no. WHY?


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Here’s How To Speed Up Your iPhone If It’s Running Super Slow

I definitely cannot deny that the iPhone has completely revolutionized on-the-go communication. But after a few years of using your beloved smartphone, you might notice it starts slowing down while using the internet, sending texts, and making calls, and that can be incredibly frustrating. There are a number of reasons this could be happening to your device, but lucky for you, it can be pretty easily combatted. Seriously, if you’re feeling like your smart device could use a slight boost, here’s how to speed up your iPhone — no tech experience required.

It’s been rumored in the past that the California-based tech company reportedly slows down older iPhone models to encourage its users to buy new ones. But those rumors have been promptly denied by the company, and it’s become apparent that one of the main reasons behind older iPhone models slowing down is the fact that the smart phone batteries in older models don’t hold up as quite as well as the newer ones. And since anyone who has bought a brand new iPhone knows that it’s quite a major purchase, there are several ways you can speed things up in the meantime.

Here’s how to augment your user experience without spending hundreds on a new device.

1. Make Sure Your Software Is Up-To-Date

Updating your iPhone to the latest software system, according to MacWorld, will most likely fix any known problems or patch up any issues with the last version. To make sure your iPhone is up-to-date, navigate to Settings, click General, and select Software update. Yes, it’s that simple, and it will totally revolutionize your user experience.

2. Free Up Your Storage Space

iPhones that are close to hitting max storage capacity slow down tremendously, according to CNET. Simply manage your storage by navigating to Settings, General, Storage & iCloud Usage, and selecting Manage Storage. There, you’ll see a chart that depicts how much space you’ve used and how much you have left. The iPhone now lets you do things like Offload Unused Apps, enable iCloud Photo Photo Library, Auto Delete Old Conversations (which include texts and attachments over a year old), as well as Review Large Attachments.

3. Delete Apps You Don’t Use

Another way to free up storage and speeding up your phone is by deleting apps you don’t use anymore, according to MacWorld. Delete a few by going back to Manage Storage, tapping on the app name, and choosing Delete App, or doing it from your Home Screen by pressing and holding the app until it shakes, and tapping the X in the corner. If you end up with at least one gigabyte of space left, you’ll be golden.

4. Adjust Your Location Services

Using Location Services can decrease battery life, according to CNET, so cut down on your apps using your iPhone’s GPS. By clicking Settings, selecting Privacy, and going to Location Services, you can make sure your apps are either not using Location Services or only While Using The App. That way, it won’t waste battery tracking you when you don’t necessarily need it to be doing so.

5. Clear Your Browser’s Cookies & Data

If your browser is storing a ton of data and cookies, clearing it can free up memory, per MacWorld. To do so, open Settings and scroll to Safari or Chrome (whichever you use). There, you can click Clear History and Website Data. While it won’t remember the websites you’ve visited, it will clean out data and ultimately speed up your device.

When you’ve had the same device for a few years, chances are it’ll slow down. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend big on a new one. There are so many ways to speed up your iPhone, and the best part is doing so is totally free.

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Megan Barton Hanson brands Amber Davies a ‘snakey b***h’ and backs Chloe Ferry in Sam Gowland feud

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson , 25, has weighed in on 23 year old Chloe Ferry ’s feud with her ex boyfriend Sam Gowland , 24, after Chloe accused Sam of sleeping with Amber Davies , 22.

The model shared a cryptic message on her Instagram Story which is said to be aimed at Amber, backing Chloe and alluding to reports that Amber exchanged saucy messages with Megan’s ex Wes Nelson, 21.

In the scathing post, Megan said to her 1.3million followers: “Nothing makes my day more than when a snake bitch gets exposed!” and added a laughing emoji.

Megan continued: “Imaging moving like that and lying to numerous heart broken girls that you ain’t shagged their ex! [sic]

“I’m all for getting that D but have some respect or just own up to being a heartless little rat,” she said ending her message with an eye roll emoji.

While Megan didn’t directly address Amber, Sam or Chloe in her post, Geordie Shore lass Chloe shared a screenshot of Megan’s post to her Instagram Story and said: “real girls stick by each other,” and tagged Megan.

In a string of videos where Chloe labelled Amber a liar, Chloe also referenced Amber sexting Megan’s ex on her Instagram Story.

Speaking about Amber crying Chloe said: “The only reason she’s crying is because everyone knows what she is now, she did it to me and she did it to Megan Barton – that’s the reason she’s crying.”

Amber’s management have refused to comment on Megan's posts and Amber's reaction online seems to be in response to Chloe's accusations.

Chloe hit out at Amber on the rest of her Instagram Story yesterday, accusing the actress of sleeping with her ex boyfriend, Sam one day after the pair split.

Love Island’s Amber has denied the claims , saying she’s devastated, but Chloe has since replied, branding her a “liar”.

This comes after Megan reportedly called Wes a “scumbag” and cried to a makeup artist after she discovered Amber and Wes had been exchanging saucy messages, despite Wes trying to win Megan back.

Amber revealed on Capital FM she was getting messages “too rude for radio” from a Love Islander in March

And, according to The Daily Star , Amber revealed off air the mystery hunk was in fact Wes, which then got back to Megan via an unnamed source in the radio studio.

Megan has since turned to Celebs Go Dating to find love, where she has reportedly hit it off with The Only Way Is Essex star, Demi Sims, 22.

Earlier this week, Demi was left cringing when she was forced to watch a video of her snogging Megan on repeat while being quizzed about their blossoming romance in their journey to find love on E4 reality show, Celebs Go Dating.

After being shown the clip, of the two kissing at the show's wrap party, Demi said: “A private life is a happy life guys I must say, but Megan, if you're watching this Meg, I do adore you and I think the world of you.”

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Liam Hemsworth cancels work commitments as he struggles with Miley Cyrus split

The collapse of Liam Hemsworth’s marriage to Miley Cyrus hasn’t just taken a toll on his personal life – it has had a detrimental impact on his professional life too, with the actor cancelling work commitments in the wake of his bad news.

The celebrity world was shocked and distraught when it was announced earlier this month that 26-year-old Australian hunk Liam had split from 26-year-old pop beauty Miley after eight months of marriage.

The couple – who many regarded as shining beacons of hope for a world where love triumphs – had been in a passionate romance for a decade before the wheels came off their relationship.

And now Liam has been forced to drop out of work commitments due to devastating impact of the break-up.

Liam (who is the younger brother to A-list Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth, 36) was set to jet to Los Angeles for the launch of his new film – and was expected to walk a red carpet and give a talk about the film – an action drama called Killerman.

However, all those plans have now been flushed down the toilet as he cancelled plans and is remaining at home Down Under to process his situation.

“He is not coming to LA for Killerman anymore even though he had told the film executives that he loved the movie and wanted to go full force into promoting it,” a Hollywood source told the Mail Online.

“There was a feeling that the premiere was going to be a major summer event with Miley joining her husband. All the signs and talk from his team was that Miley and he wanted to put on a public show of support,” the source claims.

“There was even a plan for Liam to appear on the late night talk shows to promote the film,” they continued – adding: "He is now not in the right head space to step back into the limelight to do any promotion as he knows Miley's name will come up."

Last weekend, news broke that Liam and Miley had decided to go their separate ways.

And wild child Miley has since been spotted growing close to Kaitlynn Jenner (the estranged wife of The Hills star Brody Jenner) – with the duo locking lips on a boat together.

Miley and Liam met in 2009 on the set of their film, The Last Song, and enjoyed an on-off romance for the following nine years before tying-the-knot in a surprise ceremony in America in December 2018.

"Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers. They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart," a spokesperson announced on 10 August.

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Noel Gallagher: Listen to full audio of Barry Egan's exclusive Irish interview

Barry Egan’s exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher traverses everything from the star quitting cocaine at the height of his fame to his recent decision, along with his second wife Sara MacDonald, to leave their London home in the wake of stabbings on their street.

The former Oasis frontman, who has two sons Donovan (11) and Sonny (8) with Sara and an older daughter Anais (19) with first wife Meg Matthews, said they fear the children being attacked on their way to school.

”We’re just about to move out to Hampshire,” he said. “We didn’t want the kids growing up in London. We’ve had two stabbings outside our house in the last while. I live as you can imagine in quite an affluent area. At one end of the street is one housing estate and the other end is another housing estate, and they are currently at war.

”One guy was multiple stabbed in the middle of the f***ing day and an air ambulance had to come and land in the middle of the street and all the streets were taped off.”

”Anyway, our lad is 11 and is now coming to go to secondary school and we were just saying it would be too f**ing stressful if he is on the Tube and he is coming home and he is being mugged for his phone. So we decided that we are going to go out to the country and put them to school in the country. We’ll just commute into London.”

In the course of a wide-ranging and lengthy interview, the elder Gallagher brother, also spoke about his relatively brief stint living at the infamous Supernova Heights, why he didn’t turn into ‘an a******* when the money rolled in, his take on politics, and his relationship with his mother.

Listen to the full audio of the candid interview below (Warning: frequent use of expletives).

You can the full interview here: ‘I did a runner on Bono one night’ – Noel Gallagher talks quitting cocaine, leaving London, musical evolution, and a life less ordinary 

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A Man Wanted On Child Sex Assault Charges Disappeared 3 Years Ago. Police Just Found Him Living In A Bunker In The Woods.

Last year, a Wisconsin hunter discovered a door peeking out from behind some thick underbrush off a trail. After thinking about it for months, he decided to go back last week and see what it was all about.

Hours later, authorities arrested a fugitive wanted on multiple charges of incest, child sexual assault, and child pornography, who they said had been living in a self-made, solar-powered bunker for nearly four years.

Jeremiah Button had not been seen since he disappeared in February 2016, two weeks before he was supposed to stand trial on a slew of child sexual assault and child pornography charges.

The 44-year-old had been out on a $25,000 bond for about 18 months. Authorities say that during that time, Button had been building a small, wooden bunker tucked into the side of an embankment along the Ice Age Trail in the rural, woodsy Wisconsin town of Ringle.

Thomas Nelson, a hunter who has lived in Wausau his entire life, told WSAW-TV that he first stumbled across the brush-shrouded hideout in November. When he first noticed a door built into the earth, he bolted.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Months later, he retuned to the state-owned wilderness, retraced his steps, and pushed the door open.

“I come around the corner a bit and there he is, laying in his bed.” Nelson said in an interview with the station. “I mean, I was shaking when I went in, I was shaking when I went out.”

The hunter then called authorities and led them to the cave. When Marathon County Sheriff deputies arrived, Button was standoffish and refused to comply, Lt. Steven DeNovi told BuzzFeed News Friday night, adding that he was unarmed.

Finally, after nearly 20 minutes, he surrendered and told the officers he was wanted in a neighboring county. He proceeded to explain how he had been living in the woods for nearly four years.

“It’s quite something. Definitely a new one,” DeNovi, who has been with the Sheriff’s office for about 16 years, said of the case.

According to authorities, who later interviewed Button after apprehending him inside his fort, the fugitive had chosen the area for its remoteness and proximity to a local landfill. He then spent months digging and building out his cave.

“This individual in particular was extremely crafty with going into the wilderness and going off the grid,” DeNovi said.

To survive, Button had brought in backpacks full of canned goods and other supplies, including a flat-screen TV. As the months wore on, he would walk about a half-mile to the Marathon County Landfill and “scavenge” whatever he needed.

“He was basically living off trash. From what I understand, he went there almost everyday for things,” DeNovi said, adding that the bunker was packed full of “all sorts of items” that he had found over the years.

Video from WSAW-TV shows a cramped, dirt room filled to the brim with cans, clothes, buckets, canvas bags, tea kettles, cleaning supplies, a radio, several laptops, storage bins, small fans, mason jars, and an array of other things.

On top of the cave, officers found several solar panels and car batteries, which Button later told authorities he used to power his radio, TV, and fans.

“And from those three car batteries he has running to LED lights and radios and cooling fans, all sorts of electronic equipment, some of it left intact for its intended purpose, and other things he took apart to fit the needs he had,” Detective Lieutenant Jeff Stefonek told the station.

For back-up power, Button created a generator using a bicycle that he could pedal. To ensure he had water, the fugitive sought out a wet part of the woods and built a well. He would filter the water through charcoal and sand-lined filters before boiling it.

“He was not only surviving, but thriving in this structure through all of the different supplies he was able to find,” Stefonek said.

Despite the elaborate, crowded set-up, authorities say there is no evidence that anyone else had been living there. Detectives do not know if he had been communicating with people from the bunker, DeNovi said.

However, he often interacted with hikers and hunters, like Nelson, and would occasionally chat with people at the dump, the lieutenant explained.

“He stumbled across or had random encounters with people in the woods and the landfill and would pose as someone hiking or who was out for a walk,” DeNovi said. “He would have casual conversations with people about the trails or the weather.”

Before he disappeared, Button was set to stand trial for four counts of child sexual assault and child pornography from 2014, including first-degree sexual assault and incest with a child, according to court documents. He had plead not guilty to all charges.

Button is currently in custody in Portage County Jail and is being held on a $100,000 bond and will be back in court on Sept. 16.

Authorities say they’re baffled at the lengths the fugitive went to create a completely new life in the woods.

“There are fugitives around us all the time,” DeNovi said. “It’s rare when they go off-the-grid like this and pull off something like this.’

  • Brianna Sacks is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

    Contact Brianna Sacks at [email protected]

    Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slams Quentin Tarantino’s ‘somewhat racist’ depiction of Bruce Lee

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Bruce Lee’s controversial depiction in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.”

Abdul-Jabbar, who battled Lee onscreen in the 1978 film “Game of Death,” wrote in an article for the Hollywood Reporter Friday that the portrayal of his longtime friend was “disappointing.”

“Tarantino has the artistic right to portray Bruce any way he wants,” the NBA star, 72, wrote. “But to do so in such a sloppy and somewhat racist way is a failure both as an artist and as a human being.”

Bruce Lee Controversy: Daughter Shannon Lee slams dad’s ‘caricature’ portrayal

He’s referring to a scene in “Once Upon a Time” where Brad Pitt’s fictional stuntman Cliff Booth spars with Lee (played by Mike Moh) after the martial arts star boasted about his fighting prowess and claimed he could beat heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay.

“The John Wayne machismo attitude of Cliff … an aging stuntman who defeats the arrogant, uppity Chinese guy harks back to the very stereotypes Bruce was trying to dismantle,” Abdul-Jabbar said.

Abdul-Jabbar said representation of Asians as the “inscrutable villains” had long frustrated Lee, who dedicated his life to “changing the dismissive image of Asians.”

He continued: “That’s why it disturbs me that Tarantino chose to portray Bruce in such a one-dimensional way.”

Was Bruce Lee that cocky?: Fact-checking Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (@kareemabduljabbar_33) on

The Hall of Famer said viewers will subconsciously conflate Lee’s fictional onscreen actions with the real person, diminishing his legacy and how he’s remembered. 

“That’s why filmmakers have a responsibility when playing with people’s perceptions of admired historic people to maintain a basic truth about the content of their character,” he wrote. “Quentin Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ does not live up to this standard.”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar attends the 2019 NBA Awards on June 24, 2019 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo: Rich Fury, Getty Images)

Abdul-Jabbar is not the only one criticizing Lee’s cocky depiction in the film. The star’s daughter, Shannon Lee, and his biographer said Lee was turned into a “caricature.” 

“He comes across as an arrogant (expletive) who was full of hot air,” Shannon told The Wrap about Tarantino’s portrayal of her father. “And not someone who had to fight triple as hard as any of those people did to accomplish what was naturally given to so many others.” 

Despite the backlash, Tarantino has stood by his film’s portrayal of Lee. 

“Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy,” Tarantino told reporters in Moscow. “I didn’t make a lot of this up. I heard him say things like that.”

Shannon’s response to Tarantino? “He could shut up about it…Or he could apologize,” she frankly told Variety. 

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: Quentin Tarantino defends ‘arrogant’ Bruce Lee depiction 

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The Fab Four: The biscuit that broke The Beatles

It was 50 years ago tomorrow, Sergeant Pepper told the band to stop playing. And with the final C-major from their last song, prophetically titled The End, still ringing in the air, the four greatest popular musicians Britain has ever ­produced packed up their instruments and walked away. They’d been together since John Lennon was 17 and Paul McCartney 15 – 12 long years of furious ­creativity, forged in the dank cellar of The Cavern and the grubby dives of Hamburg, and ending up on top of the world. In that time they’d recorded a staggering 213 songs. But for The Beatles, August 18, 1969, was the day the music died. 

To the outside world there was no ­warning, no hint of the earthquake to come. The sun-splashed month had started with a photoshoot resulting in the most iconic ­picture in the history of pop music. 

It ended in an uneasy truce between the four ­warring members, each ­desperately looking for a way out of their magic circle. 

The album was Abbey Road. Its last track finished with the words “And in the end… the love you take/Is equal to the love you make.” 

In the weeks leading up to those final poetic words being recorded, though, there had been precious little love. The most famous band in the world had been tearing itself apart. 

The music they were laying down in the studio remained as powerful, fresh and innovative as when they’d burst on the pop scene seven years earlier, but now there was nothing more to come. “It never occurred to me that we were working on the last Beatles album,” recalled Geoff Emerick, the sound engineer who’d been in the studio for the first ever Beatles session and now supervised this epitaph to their awesome career. 

“We’d got used to the difficulties. Often the best way for them to make a record was for each member to work on his own.” 

Emerick, and his boss George Martin – the so-called Fifth Beatle – believed the problems could be overcome with a break away from each other. Unknowing, they foresaw ­better days ahead. 

Whatever other issues drove The Beatles apart – and there were many – the foursome’s extraordinary blood-brotherhood that was cemented in the long years on the road, was finally broken that summer by the arrival of another. That she was a woman didn’t help. But it was not Yoko Ono’s gender that did it. It was her intrusive presence. One day during recording, the ­studio doors burst open and deliverymen from Harrods wheeled in a huge bed. “Jaws dropping, we watched as it was brought in and carefully positioned by the stairs,” recalled Emerick. “More men appeared with sheets and pillows and sombrely made up the bed. Then Yoko climbed in. 

“In my career in recording studios I thought I’d seen it all, but this took the ­biscuit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Paul, Ringo and George were as gobsmacked as I was. For the next month Yoko lived in that bed. Her wardrobe consisted of a series of flimsy nightgowns, accessorised with a regal tiara.” 

After each take, the cuckoo-in-the-nest offered her opinion into a microphone, solicitously provided by Lennon, infuriating the other members of the Fab Four who felt that after all these years they knew how to make a hit record. 

She constantly referred to the band as “Beatles”, further aggravating them. “Actually it’s The Beatles, luv,” corrected Paul on one occasion, “But she persistently ignored him,” recalled Emerick. 

Recording of Abbey Road took place in July and August 1969, with some preliminary work laid down earlier in the year. As ever, each Beatle – Ringo included – brought their compositions to the studio to be ­evaluated, included, or discarded. 

It didn’t guarantee joint approval of every track. John, during the early sessions in a perpetual sulk, refused to participate in the making of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, ­dismissing it as “just more of Paul’s granny music”. 

Paul, in return, refused to give John his song Oh! Darling, even though he’d planned to, acknowledging Lennon would sing it better. 

Ever the peacemaker, even Ringo did not escape the crossfire. John turned on him during a break in recording Polythene Pam, announcing: “That sounded like Dave Clark.” Starr was mortified. 

When it came to his turn, recording Come Together, John sang the lead and backing vocals, refusing to allow Paul and George to join in. “Paul looked hurt, then angry. For a moment I thought there was going to be an explosion. 

Instead, he shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the studio – one of the few times he ever left a ­session early,” recalled Emerick. 

Then low-profile George finally lost his temper with Yoko when he spied her stealing one of the digestive ­biscuits he’d ­hidden on top of his Leslie ­cabinet. “THAT B***H!” he shouted in fury. 

Observed Emerick: “By this stage, whenever the four of them were together it was like a tinderbox and anything could set them off – even something as dumb as a digestive biscuit!” 

When John and Yoko were absent the mood lightened, the other band members laughing and enjoying doing the overdubs on Octopus’s Garden, Ringo’s sole vocal contribution to the album. And slowly this complex, finely-woven, obituary came together. 

Abbey Road was The Beatles’ 11th studio album and is often viewed as the group’s most creatively diverse. 

Some critics rate it as one of the greatest albums of all time, with George emerging finally from the shadows as a powerful songwriter with his contributions Something and Here Comes The Sun. 

Countless hours were spent perfecting The Beatles sound. For Lennon’s Because, George Martin created complex nine-part harmonies which the musicians rehearsed “20 or 30 times”, according to Emerick, to ensure they were note-perfect. 

Of the 47 minutes of needle-time,16 minutes of the group’s final legacy were devoted to a medley – a series of song-scraps welded together by the band’s genius – beginning with Paul’s You Never Give Me Your Money, prompted by his dispute with new ­manager Allen Klein. 

It finished with, appropriately, their song called The End, presaging something the four men could not yet know – that they would never play together again. 

Into Studio 2 they went, and for one brief moment they were a foursome again. Yoko was left behind in the ­control room while John, Paul and George strapped on their guitars and launched into a crackling exchange of riffs which some fans believe exemplifies the powerful brotherhood of The Beatles. Paul led, George followed, then came John – then round they went again. 

“For the hour or so that it took to record those solos, all the bad blood, all the ­fighting, all the crap that had gone down between the three former friends was gone,” recalled Emerick. 

“John, Paul and George looked like they had gone back in time, like they were kids again, playing together for the sheer ­enjoyment of it.” 

Though Abbey Road was released within weeks, it took another seven months before The Beatles would announce to the world that they had parted. They’d had one last summer together. 

But the days of Beatlemania were over, for ever. 

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